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John Carter - 2012

DW: March 13, 2012

MR: 7.5

C: Taylor Kitsch - TK

MC: the movie is entertaining. the witty comments of the cast will cause you to LOL.c: kudos to TK’s body… seems like a product of living in the gym.. haha.. :p  
Although, the turnaround of TK’s character seemed hypocritical. Nevertheless, love still prevailed (as all Hollywood films do) ^_^ 

American Pie Presents: The Book of Love - 2009 

DW: January 4, 2011

MR: 5

MC: Well, it’s certainly one of the American-Pie franchise, and it’s surely not on the top three of the said franchise. The one that acted as Stifler is so disappointing - i feel that he didn’t do justice to the said character.

LFM: i don’t know, i’m happy when i’m around you

LFM: you’re got to be gentle, kind, and respectful to the one you love

LFM: if you’re honest, and treat a girl with respect, then whatever happens is meant to happen, cause it’s all perfectly natural

LFM: How’s your bum?….. feels like i gave birth to a mayonnaise jar

Scott Pilgrim VS The World - 2010 

DW: January 2, 2012

MR: 8.8

MC: (to be revised) woah! what fun, exciting comic-book/viedo-game-like, action packed movie! ^_^

LFM: you punched my boob!

LFM: you broke the heart that broke mine!

LFM: you made me swallow my gum!

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